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.htaccess for nginx

.htaccess for nginx enables nginx high performance webserver to deal with .htaccess files.

.htaccess files are mainly used for access control and URL rewrite instructions and are widely known across the web community. Originally designed for Apache, there is no native implementation available for nginx.

.htaccess for nginx is efficient and elegant, using micro caching and various performance tweaks right out of the box. It is effortless in its installation and usage. The plugin's deeply integrated approach is ideal for webhosters, who are looking for mixed technology solutions using only nginx and nothing else.

Stop Using Apache

Reasons for .htaccess in nginx

When using nginx, there are many legitimate reasons to support .htaccess files.


.htaccess for nginx is incredibly lightweight and fast! It is writting from ground up with performance optimizations in mind. Even with low-end hardware it adds less than 1 millisecond to your response time, also for quite complex rewrite structures with server variables.

Physical memory usage of this plugin is insanely low, just less than 10 KB for each nginx worker process, and it doesn't increase with more requests.


Optional Dependencies


Hints and Common Practice

Usage — Testing it

Create an .htaccess file in a directory of your host with the following content:

Order deny,allow
Deny from all

When trying to access a file inside this directory through your browser, access should be denied by receiving an HTTP 403 response.

Supported Features

We compiled a complete list of implemented .htaccess directives and variables.

This plugin tries to make things as secure as possible. Wherever an unclear situation occurs, access will be denied to prevent unintended access, e.g. if unsupported, security-critical directives are being used (HTTP 500 response). Unsupported, non-security-related directives will be ignored.

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