htaccess for nginx

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htaccess for nginx enables nginx high performance webserver to deal with .htaccess files.

.htaccess files are mainly used for access control and URL rewrite instructions and are widely known across the web community. Originally designed for Apache, their implementation in nginx has been rejected, because of obvious performance concerns.

Why not stick to Apache?

Reasons to implement htaccess for nginx

There are still legitimate reasons to support .htaccess in nginx:




Hints and Common Practice


Try to create an .htaccess into the root directory of your host, restricting access:

Order deny,allow
Deny from all

When trying to access a file inside this directory via browser, access should be denied using an HTTP 403 response.

Support status of .htaccess Directives

The following directives are scheduled to be supported by this plugin.

Known Limitations

Certain feature are unsupported, due to performance reasons or other limitations.

Speaking of limitations, this plugin still tries to make things as secure as possible. Wherever an unclear situation occurs, access will be denied to prevent unintended access, e.g. if unsupported directives are being used (HTTP 500 response).

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